Fall Collection 10 Spices


Ten more spices for just-in-time fall cooking!

Includes Basil, Chipotle, Dill, Herbes De Provence, Garam Masala, Parsley, Poultry, Rosemary, Tarragon, and Za'atar all 100% organic.

For those with a Counter Top Rack, the five included Stackable Lids allow you to store your lesser-used spices in the pantry or anywhere you please.

For those with an In-Drawer Rack, the Modular Trays snap into place with your existing In-Drawer rack. Or start a new in-drawer collection!

Choose how to display your additional spices

Choose from stackable lids, modular trays or just the jars and spices to make your spice rack how you want it.

Stackable Lids

Stackable lids are great if you want to display your favorites on your counter top and then put your lesser used ones away neatly and safely in a pantry.

Modular Trays

These are perfect for growing your current in drawer or starting a new collection!