Why Evermill?

We designed the world's most beautiful spice rack. Our sustainable spice rack comes with the highest quality, freshly milled, and organic spices that you can find. Delivered directly to your door, our refills come in compostable packets, eliminating unnecessary waste. We’ve meticulously thought through our products to last a lifetime, and to help you cook while staying organized, so you can focus on sharing meals with the ones you love.

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Cooking, Made Easier.

Everywhere we looked, we found unorganized pantries full of mismatched, expired, and duplicate sets of spices that were destined for the trash. Evermill is a sleek, modern, and sustainable alternative that was built to organize your kitchen and make cooking a whole lot easier.

Welcome to Our Table

The food we cook shapes our culture, builds our communities, and connects us all as individuals — and in many cases, it comes together with a pinch of this and a pinch of that.

Our mission is to inspire the best shared food experiences through a sustainable, innovative, and beautifully-crafted home goods products.

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