All Evermill spices are organic: grown on land free of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, insecticides, or herbicides for at least three years. More information on this can be found here.

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Depending on your purchase, your spice rack will ship with either 12 or 18 spices. (Note: spices indicated with an * are only offered in the 3-tiered rack)

Bay leaves (whole)

Cayenne (ground) 

Red pepper flakes (whole) 

Cinnamon (ground) 

Cumin (ground)

Paprika (ground) 

Oregano (ground) 

Turmeric (ground) 

Italian Blend (whole or ground?)

Evermill Blend (whole or ground?)

Harissa (ground) 

Captain’s Blend (whole or ground?) 

Allspice (ground) * 

Cloves (whole) *

Coriander (whole) * 

Mustard Seed (whole) *

Nutmeg (ground) * 

Sumac (ground) * 

These spices are the building blocks of the most common blends — they’ll provide the widest range of possibilities for your cooking experience.

Countertop Model

This rack is offered in two sizes (18 spice and 12 spice) and four colors (silver, gunmetal, black, and white) 

In Drawer Model 

This model is offered in two sizes (18 spice and 12 spice) and in one color (black)

3 Tier Size- Height 9.625” Width 18” Depth 3.5”

2 Tier Size- Height 6” Width 18” Depth 3.5”

Our In Drawer rack is modular, with each (18 or 12) pieces being 3.5’’ H x 3.25”L x 3.25” W, and seamlessly connecting via magnets.

Unfortunately at this time, you can only purchase the spice collection as a set assortment in one of the two tiers. Feel free to message us with any product offerings you would like to see from us in the future, as we are always listening! 

We use best in class suppliers in the United States to source the spices. They’re grown globally and the countries of origin vary depending on the individual spice. From the beginning, our priority has been to deliver the highest quality product out there.

Given Evermill’s extremely high standards for spice quality, we source our spices from a rotating group of farmers and growers. Growing spices can be subject to environmental, geographical, and even political forces, and so we are always looking to work with the best sources. For more information on our current stock, you can find specifics on each spice's respective page.

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As of right now, we are not offering any seasonal or holiday-themed spices, but be on the lookout in 2021 as we likely venture into seasonal spices.

Care Of Products

Glass wells are dishwasher safe, but the lids need to be washed by hand. To wash your spice rack, we recommend using a natural-based cleaner and a soft cloth or paper towel. 

Spices are best protected away from sunlight and heat. We love keeping ours displayed on the kitchen counter (away from the stove!) or inside of a cabinet or drawer. 

We advise that you keep your wells and lids away from all types of heat (note: the glass wells are dishwasher safe.) 

Spices are best enjoyed within six months, and we suggest that you replace them every year for guaranteed freshness. With our text-to-refill system, you can refill your spice jars by simply sending us a text. We’ll also remind you when it’s close to refill time.

The rack comes assembled and ready to go when unboxed. However, we suggest cleaning out the spice wells with soap and warm water once receiving them, and then once dry, pouring spices into each individual jar. If you wish to mount your rack to a wall, please use the mounting rack and hardware included.

Shipping and Returns

We offer two hour delivery in NYC, LA, and SF for $12 per shipment. For delivery to all other cities shipping starts at $14.95.

Because we’re focused on getting you spices that are as fresh as possible, we currently do not have our spice collection sitting at retail stores. You can purchase directly online here.

Our text-to-refill service allows you to replace your spices as needed in small, sustainable quantities. Text our team whenever you’re in need of a replacement and we will deliver it right to your door. More info here.

In select zip codes in NYC, Los Angeles and San Francisco, we are delivering spices and racks in two hours. For all other cities, find our shipping info here.

Our highest priority is making sure that you are happy. With this, we accept all returns within a 25 day period, as long as spices have not been used, and item is in original packaging. 

As we’re a small company, the items returned without spices, jars without seals, or without original packaging, will incur a 30% restocking fee.

We do not accept any international returns, including from Canada.

We will do as much as possible for you to make sure you love your product and it’s the right set for you.

Shipping costs are calculated depending on your zip code and when you want your order to arrive. Spice Shipping will always be free and Rack shipping starts at $12. We are constantly searching for the lowest rates to get you your package safely.

We ship out most of our shipments with UPS.  Our spice refills typically ship out USPS. For all packages that are being delivered within the two-hour timeframe in select zip codes in LA, SF, and NYC, we use a speciality courier service.

We’re always working on adding new cities to our two hour delivery area. If you’re looking to see this service in your own city, send us an email or text and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Please email us at

You can check the status of your order here, text or email us. 

We do not currently offer international shipping but hope to soon. Email us to let us know where you would like to see our products offered and we will do our best to bring Evermill to your home city. 

Nope! We will never text you about anything marketing. We will only send you reminders when your spices are expiring so that you’ll always have a fresh batch on hand. 


We do. If you think that you would be a good fit please reach out to