We believe a company shouldn’t just be a place to work. It should be a place to continually learn.  It should be a place of equality and acceptance. It should be a place to ask the tough questions at all times, seek conscious and purposeful decision making: to question all things, and engage in deep-thinking. It should be a place to enrich yourself and each other with knowledge, culture, positivity and good health. With these virtues in mind, Evermill will always be a place where we advocate for those who are less fortunate, disenfranchised, or without help — because everyone deserves a life well lived. 

We also know that we have a unique privilege in working to build a company that expands on these values, and therefore it’s our responsibility to extend a hand to communities that haven’t been given a fair shake within the current boundaries of our legal, economic, social, and judicial systems — those who are the forgotten heartbeats of this country. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce our ongoing partnership with the United Farm Workers Foundation. UFW Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2006 whose purpose is to empower communities to ensure human dignity. They serve over 90,000 immigrants annually through a holistic approach — providing critical services that engage their constituents in systemic change to break the cycle of poverty. In addition, they work to support farmworkers and Latinos nationally in the democratic process by telling their story, voting, and advocating for more equitable policies. 

While Evermill is a start-up with limited resources, we know that it’s our duty to take small steps to inspire big change. That’s why we have pledged 1% of our yearly net profits directly to UFW. Our hope is that with your support, we will grow this amount every year. If you feel inclined to directly donate to UFW, please do so and learn more here. 

-Mark & Luke

Evermill Co-Founders