Evermill Salt Mill


Our Salt Mill is crafted from anodized aluminum in black, bronze, and silver and features wood caps. They have wide-mouthed openings for easy refilling and the world’s highest-quality ceramic grinders for a lifetime of crushing. Comes with our new Himalayan Pink Salt. 

Over 26 different grind settings allow you to dial in your perfect grind size.

The Salt Mill is 8" tall with a diameter of 2" and are manual.

Himalayan Sea Salt

Each purchase of our Salt Mill comes with our Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt included. Mined from the Himalayan region of Pakistan, this salt is believed to be one of the purest forms of salt and is prized for its unique pink color and high mineral content. It's coarser than our Flaky Salt and needs to be ground into smaller particles for consumption.

Built to Last

We built our Mills to last forever. You could pass it down to your kids one day. Each is equipped with with the world's finest and most durable conical ceramic burrs from the premier producer of pepper grinders in Denmark. Like all of our products, it is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE. The storage chamber features a seamless anodized aluminum body, sealed with food safe silicone gaskets. This allows your peppercorns to say fresher for longer, while avoiding being stored against any plastic surfaces.

Optically Clean

The equipment used to clean our Himalayan Pink Salt analyzes salt in free fall using the full color spectrum, which ensures the salt is the cleanest possible and most consistent. The Optically Clean Technology used scrutinizes every grain of salt that enters the facility, removing insoluble matter, foreign materials and crystals that don't meet strict standards all without ever using chemicals or processing agents that alter the salt.