We're sitting down with the woman behind our most recent collaboration, Eden Grinshpan of eden eats. Eden is a mom, chef, host of Top Chef Canada, and the author of EATING OUT LOUD: Bold Middle Eastern Flavors for All Day Every Day. We're excited for you to get to learn more about Eden and the inspiration behind her new spice set with us! 

01: Where did your love for cooking come from? 
I fell in love with food when I was in high school after discovering the Food Network. I would bake and cook for my family and became so obsessed I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu right after I graduated.
02: Why did you pick these specific spices for your set? 
The are the spices I reach for over and over again and also play a star roll in my book EATING OUT LOUD. I put them in my spice section and made sure to reach for them over and over again. A- because I love these spices b- to show how versatile they are and c- to use them a lot so you wouldn’t have these new spices just sitting in your spice drawer not being used.
03: Why do you love cooking with spices?
Spices are the backbone to all cooking. They can completely change the flavor of everything you put them in. Depending on combinations or how they are prepared and added in, spices are what give each dish its uniqueness and once you learn how to play with them your culinary wheelhouse totally opens up.
04: Where do you find inspiration from in your cooking?
During my travels, when I eat out, even online now when I scroll through food content. There is inspo everywhere and I love that.
05: What’s a go-to weeknight meal?
I love an easy one pot or sheet tray meal. We eat a lot of veg in this house….like a lot which inspires us to reach for our spice drawer all the time since these spices add so much flavor and depth with minimal effort to everything we add it too. I would say my paprika and fennel roasted chicken, shakshuka and chraima are some of my top fave dishes right now.