Organic Cloves Refill


Clove is derived from the French word clou meaning “nail” and, true to its name, this spice helps anchor recipes in its distinct flavor. Use whole cloves to bring a sweet warmth to soups, stews, and curries (don't forget to remove when serving!), or grind them up to help balance cinnamon and nutmeg flavors.

Pairs well with: apples, walnuts, ham, beets, game, lamb, pumpkin, sausage, tea, and of course mulled wine.

Country of Origin - Sri Lanka

Text to Refill

Running out of your favorite spices? Send a text our way and we'll have fresh refills at your door in as little as two hours; in select cities Monday-Friday.
  • Fresher & higher-quality spices than store bought.
  • Refills come in earth friendly packaging.
  • Two hour delivery means more time cooking.
  • Evermill system eliminates single-use waste.

More than a Jar

Our Spice Wells are designed to simplify your cooking experience from prep to plating.
  • All racks purchased include two shaker lids.
  • Amber glass protects from sunlight and heat.
  • Wells preserve freshness and flavor.
  • Self-aligning wells keep labels perfectly centered.
  • Wide-brimmed jars fit measuring spoons easily.

With Respect To Our Planet

We hold the highest standards for environmental sustainability in the spices we source. Because of that, our entire collection reflects our respect for the planet. Evermill spices are grown on land free of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, and insecticides, making them 100% organic. Our spice system helps prevent waste by only shipping you what you need when you need it and our refillable Spice Wells eliminates the need for single-use, store-bought, plastic and glass containers.