Cleaning your kitchen at the start of the new year is a common cultural tradition as it symbolizes a fresh start and a clean slate for the upcoming year. Adding this tradition helps maintain a clean and organized kitchen throughout the year which can lead to more efficient and pleasant cooking experiences. Below, we're sharing a few of our best tips for refreshing your kitchen for the year ahead — take some notes!

01 — Sharpen Your Knives
Sharpening your knives has several benefits. It can help make cutting tasks easier and more efficient. A sharp knife will make cleaner cuts, reducing the risk of crushing or bruising delicate ingredients. It also decreases the likelihood of the knife slipping while in use, which can reduce the risk of injury. Sharp knives require less effort to use, reducing hand fatigue and strain. Regular sharpening can also prolong the lifespan of the knife by reducing the wear on the blade.

02 — Replace Your Tupperware
There are several reasons why you should replace your Tupperware. Over time, plastic can become worn and discolored, which can affect the appearance and hygiene of the containers. Additionally, plastic containers can absorb food odors and flavors, which can affect the taste of future food stored in the containers. Regular use, washing and exposure to heat can cause the plastic to warp, crack or become brittle. It is also important to consider the potential health risks associated with the use of plastic containers (especially if  scratched or worn), as these can harbor bacteria and can potentially leach harmful chemicals into the food stored inside. Opt for glass wherever possible!


03 — Clean Out Your Spices

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