We founded Evermill because we are proof that food brings people together. Five years ago, when creating some of the world's biggest music festivals and brand events, we would sneak away from working 20-hour days for a small, quiet meal together. It's how we became best friends and decided to work together to identify common problems and solve them.

We're big believers that food connects us all. Over the years, some of our best memories together were fostered over a home-cooked meal. When we say that cooking and eating together can shape cultures and build communities, we mean it. We are doing it every day in our personal lives and at Evermill.

We launched Evermill during the pandemic when we were all faced with the common challenge of not being able to join together for meals as frequently as we were used to. We want to say how grateful we are to you for helping us continue to make Evermill a success and supporting our small company of three. Whether shared or cooked in solitude, your meals have meant so much to us.

Whatever you do over the holidays, whoever you do or don't decide to spend time with —we hope your meals are full of love and nourishment. Our biggest hope is that we make cooking a little bit easier so you can focus on time spent around the table with those you love. If you're looking for holiday gifts, we'd be so appreciative if you shopped Evermill this year. 
With Gratitude, 
Luke and Mark