Evermill was created out of the simple necessity to address a handful of everyday problems. And in households everywhere, the sample picture played out: a pantry full of expired, duplicate, missing or mismatched spices. Because of this, we wanted to develop a system to supply exactly what home chefs need, right when they need it. Everyone cooks differently, and every recipe calls for varied amounts of different spices. Some people like a big pinch of red pepper flakes on their pizza, others — just a little. We knew we needed to make a spice fulfillment system to be completely customized for any chef....

Meet our text to refill system. As soon as an Evermill Spice Rack arrives at your home, you’ll receive a text message from us with a contact card. After adding us to your contacts, you can text us at any time (day or night!) to request refills or to ask questions. Our goal is that the experience of refilling your spices be like texting a neighbor or a good friend. 

Here's a peek into how it works: 

Step 1: Purchase an Evermill Rack

Step 2: Rack Arrives at your doorstep within 2 hours*

Step 3: You receive a text message with Evermill’s contact card.

Step 4: You’re running low on spices or want to refresh your rack

Step 6: You text Evermill the spices you want to refill.

Step 7: Spices arrive at your door within 2 hours*

Step 8: Enjoy!

We place an incredible value on having fresh and unexpired spices at your disposal at all times. That’s why we went the distance to ensure 2 hour delivery* in major zip codes in the US. We know that the inspiration or need to cook doesn't always happen on a normal timetable, so our line is open at all hours. We hope this encourages you to cook well and cook often — focusing less on your ingredients and more on the shared meal that's to come. 

-Team Evermill

*Two hour delivery in select NY, SF and LA zip codes.


I see 2 hour delivery is this for major cities I can’t even get grocery delivery here in 93505. Is there another way to order I haven’t looked at the whole site yet. Thank you

Annette Anderson January 11, 2021

Brilliant! What a concept for those of us that love to cook. Looks great on the kitchen countertop. Love having a collection of organic spices at my disposal, with an easy refill option.
I also love the suggestions for use of the spices. Some new to me. Can’t wait to experiment.

Teresa Katz December 01, 2020

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