At Evermill, we believe in the power of food to connect us all — for when we gather around the table with a home cooked meal, we create community, invest in our relationships, share important conversations, and learn about new cultures. With this, we know that every aspect of the food system should be valued and supported — but sometimes, the heartbeat behind it all is overlooked. The hands that harvest the food we eat are all too often forgotten.  

That’s why we’re excited to share that this Giving Tuesday, 20% of your purchase will go directly to the United Farm Workers Foundation, an organization that works to support farm workers nationally. We’re confident that although we are a startup with limited resources, it’s our duty to take small steps in hopes of big change. Beyond today, one percent of our yearly net profits will go directly to the UFW Foundation. 



The Mission 

The United Farm Workers Foundation was born in 2006 to empower communities to ensure human dignity. They serve over 90,000 immigrants annually through a holistic approach — providing critical services and programs to break the cycle of poverty. In addition, they work to engage farmworkers and Latinos nationally in the democratic process by telling their story, voting, and advocating for more equitable policies.


Compelled to donate directly to the United Farm Workers Foundation?

Do so right here.