We know how stressful cooking can be, whether it be just for you or for an entire family. That's why we sat down with Dini Klein Prep + Rally to hear her top tried and true tips and tricks to master meal prep. Take it away, Dini! 

01: Set up your station. 
It only takes three to five minutes to set out the ingredients and kitchen utensils that you will need for the prep. This step minimizes the time bustling from counter to fridge/pantry getting what you need, everything is in your reach. Invest in a good cutting board and a sharp chef’s knife. These are the two most important things you’ll need for your prep every single time. The better the quality, the smoother the prep. The new Prep + Rally wooden cutting board is a good place to start. It has a handle for easy maneuvering and it also has a built-in phone holder so you can follow recipes and videos right there next to you.
02: Pre-Wash!
Wash and prep all of your produce before you start your Sunday meal prep to reduce trips to the sink or ruin the efficiency and flow of your prep. Any leftover veggies will be pre-washed for the week that way, so it's a two-in-one kind of success!
03: Invest in good quality storage containers
 Make sure they're oven safe, dishwasher safe, and if possible, microwave safe. This way, you're ALWAYS prepared! I love that I can cook, cool, store, heat, and serve all in the same great quality container.  These are our favorite and these are perfect to store full meals.
04: Try to multitask 
While quinoa is on the stove top and veggies are roasting in the oven, marinate and grill your chicken. This way, you'll maximize your time and get your prep done quickly. Here's our favorite grill pan for the perfect grilled chicken when it can't be done outside. The Prep and Rally meal plans are laid out in a very specific order so that you can get through it as efficiently as possible. We also have you cook the longer cook-time items first so you can make your marinades while they cook.
05: Don't stress! 
If you can't make a full meal prep happen this week don't sweat it. Batch cook one or two key items that can help get you through, and serve them in two different ways. I call that a mini prep! Or maybe just grocery shop for the menu and tackle your dinners as the week goes by, if that's what looks right for you that week. You can also make a couple sauces to dress up and elevate quick simple foods you make throughout the week. Following a meal plan, like the P+R weekly plans, takes the thought out of planning, which alone is a huge help. There are always shortcuts you can take. Listen to yourself. Modify. Be flexible. Enjoy it. That's what it's all about!