Organic Lemon Peel Refill


Lemon peel, also known as zest, is the outer layer of the lemon fruit that is packed with flavor and aroma. Cut and sift lemon peel is the dried and ground form of the lemon zest, which is perfect for baking and cooking. It is best used in recipes where a bright, citrusy flavor is desired, such as cakes, cookies, pies, and marinades. Lemon peel also pairs well with other herbs and spices, like thyme, rosemary, and ginger, to create unique and delicious blends.

Pairs well with Baked Goods, Marinades, Chicken

Net Wt. 1.3oz / 38g

Compostable Refills

Every spice refill that we send to your door comes in a compostable packet. Simply tear, fill and toss (or compost), and know that you’re making a smarter choice for the planet. No more single use-plastic containers that end up in landfills! Even better than that? A simple text to (310)361-2636 refills your rack in moments.

    Organic & Ethically Sourced Spices:

    • We hold the highest standards for environmental sustainability in the spices we source.
    • Our spices are grown on land free of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, and insecticides.
    • Our spices are ethically sourced and we verify that our spice supply chain reflects this principle.

    As Fresh As It Gets

    Unlike store-bought spices that sit on the shelf for months (or even years!), all of our spices are freshly-milled and packaged up to go straight to you. The fresher the grind, the more volatile the oils contained. This gives Evermill spices added potency, with a greater depth of flavor that elevates your cooking like little else can.