Capsicum annuum

Our chipotle peppers are selected from our growers' most ripe red jalapenos (Capsicum annuum) and are dried traditionally by woodsmoke. By leaving these chiles on the plat as long as possible, the end result is irresistibly sweet. The unmistakable smell of sweet smokiness makes our ground chipotle a favorite amongst our team. It gives added smoke flavor and depth of flavor profile to anything from meats, chicken, chili, stews and marinades. Ground chipotle pepper most is most similar to paprika in its sweet and earthy undertones, but its beautiful smokiness adds a certain depth to its sweetness. Our chipotle has a rating of 15k heat units that will give you nice warmth on your tongue but will be no where close to the spiciness of our ground cayenne.


Native to Central America and Mexico, our chipotle comes from the chihuahua region. It's a great example of how versatile pepper is that the drying technique can add a completely different flavor profile. It's an essential Mexican ingredient that can help any dish. 


Recipe Ideas: 

  1. Sprinkle ground chipotle into equal parts lemonade and beer for a spicy shandy.
  2. Stir ground chipotle into red wine vinegar and serve with deep-fried chicken wings.
  3. For a smoky, hot shakshuka, season simmering tomato sauce with ground chipotle and crack a couple of eggs into it.