Petroselinum Crispum 

We picked our Parsley from our grower in Mexico given its beautiful dark green leaves that are so rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and Iron. Our curly-leaved parsley has a characteristically rich aroma of citrus, earth and pepper. This biennial herb grows well in most in the central and eastern sections of Mexico, between the Sierra Norte Mountains and the Gulf of Mexico. Our parsley grows well in loose, reasonably fertile, moist-but-well-drained soil with a mildly acidic PH of between 6-7 pH. This part of Mexico can get up to 21 days of rain during the growing season, making cultivation of parsley perfect. All Petroselinum crispum parts have the same characteristic aroma, although it is strongest in the roots, and the best growers know that the nutrients are typically most dense there.

We believe parsley is especially important to buy organic as it tends to receive heavy pesticide treatment from farmers. Our growers however take great care to cultivate our parsley without any synthetics and on land always free of fertilizers and pesticides.

Parsley like ours tastes clean (like a bite of a fresh green apple) and peppery, with a touch of grassy earthiness. It is a powerhouse in the kitchen with each leaf having natural aromatic oil. We love to use our parsley as a garnish, or to season soups, stews, and salad dressings. 

Heavy metals testing:

Lead: 1.080 ppm

Arsenic 0.326ppm

Cadmium 0.094 ppm

Mercury 0.0167 ppm

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