The world Za’atar is a synecdoche in that it can refer to the mixture of different spices that comprise the blend, as well as a be a colloquial and regional name for oregano, thyme or marjoram shrubs, which are often interchangeably referred to as Za’atar plants in the Middle East. Traditionally oregano, marjoram or thyme (the more common being the prior) are the herbs which make up the base of the mixture. This herb base is combined with toasted  sesame seeds and dried sumac, and often salt, and sometimes other spices. In the case of Evermill Za’atar we combined our sweet and nutty white sesame seeds from India, with our punchy, tangy dried and shredded sumac berries, to begin. Our sumac immediately cuts through and compliments the fat of the sesame seeds, creating a balanced foundation for the entire blend. We then add super fine, pure ocean sea salt, distilled from the crystal clean and clear coastal waters off of Australia. Egyptian marjoram anchors the blend, giving it its traditional savory herbal, floral, delicate, minty and sweet notes with underbites of warm bitterness.

Evermill Za’atar is perfect for dips like hummus with bread and can be effortlessly mixed with olive oil for an easy marinade. Za’atar is also the perfect compliment to roasted or baked veggies, giving a perfect balance and satisfying crunch to grilled zucchini or roasted eggplant. 

Other favorite applications for Za’atar include Avocado Toast, Za’atar Meatballs with Tahini, Labneh, Baba Ganoush and roasted sunchokes with barley. 

Za’atar has been known in lore as a health food and is most recently getting some scientific backing as such. Majorom being packed with thymol, has been known to have antioxidant, antiseptic and fungicidal properties. Sumac, the other key ingredient, is replete with flavonoids, which are a phytonutrient that has beneficial anti-inflammatory effects protect your cells from oxidative damage that can lead to disease.

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