Rosmarinus officinalis



Our Rosemary comes from the arid climate and harsh terroir of Morocco, where careful farming practices have encouraged it to grow despite the harsh conditions. Much like Pinot Noir, Evermill Moroccan Rosemary endures beautifully to be especially aromatic, with balanced notes of pine, resin, pepper, woody and citrus.Moroccan Rosemary has a deep lineage dating back to Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks who sacredly praised it as a air cleanser, which prevented sickness, much like some to today with sage. Often called “herb of remembrance” in antiquity because of its ability to powerfully stimulate the mind, Rosemary came into its culinary own hundreds of years later. Both practices valued Rosemary for their deep and fragrant essentaial oils.

Moroccan Rosemary typically comes from the Atlas Mountains or near the Debdou forest, in the Eastern Region of Morocco, and is hand harvested by the tons by locals including a large population of Berber farmers.Spring tends to be the best harvest season for Moroccan Rosemary given it produces the highest yield of essential oil as well as the largest leaf mass. Rosemary has a natural beekeeping quality given the essential oil it produces during summer months.


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