Ocimum Basilicum

Country of Origin: Egypt

Evermill’s Basil is sweet, peppery and has the traditional hints of clove, anise licorice. We love to use our dried basil in tomato sauces, cold pasta salads, on grilled fish, in salad dressings, and roasted on vegetables or chicken. You can’t go wrong adding it into marinades, stews, soups, and even making pesto out of it.

One of our favorite qualities of our basil is that dried basil leaves have a stronger, more concentrated flavor than fresh leaves. The flavor profile changes: where fresh can taste like a mixture of anise, mint, pepper, and clove, dried basil tends to have a deeper taste, with fewer anise notes and hints of mint. There also tends to be differences in their uses: we like to use fresh basil in dishes that don’t require long cooking times, or as a garnish. We prefer to use dried basil in cooked dishes that require heat for a long period of time. 

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